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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enthiran-Another Rajni Film(Oh No!)

Inspiration doesn't come so easily as I have found out from these 3 months. Nothing was inspirational enough to post about and I was just about give up on even posting when inspiration punched me dead in the face in the form of a film. I still regret getting that inspiration.

Enthiran was the biggest hype in South India when it was announced. It was the first Tamil or overall Indian film to attempt rivaling Hollywood and its Movie Tech. In a sense all Indians should be proud and some still are but those who saw the film, I'm pretty sure you were having a hard time remembering what they were trying to do in the first place. The success behind Hollywood fictitious films is because they have some logic behind it even though it is basically a story about something that doesn't exist. As bad as Tamil films are getting these days(there are a few exceptions since I still do watch them) people don't want another epic fail and that too with graphics for God's sake.

Rajni has been successful in giving ANOTHER over the head, too much dramatic film but luckily no punch dialogues. I feel really sorry for everyone who took part in the creation of this film because they even kept functions for the release of the movie trailer! I mean seriously why do they need this kind of hype? Its like they are just reeling us in to watch the film. I'm sure that Vivek wasn't aware what he was saying when he commented at the Trailer Release function that they could run the trailer itself for a hundred days in theaters and still people would come to watch the film. Well the reason is because people do not know how horrible the ENTIRE film will be.

So I was off for the much hyped film with my dad and sister at around 5. No need of explaining what it would be like in a theater filled with Tamil audiences for a film(especially Tamil) during the opening credits-A hell lot of loud whistling. Anyways the first half was alright. Rajni for the first time didn't have such a bigger-than-life entrance for a film. It was pretty simple and so I thought this film would be really worth watching and enjoyable like Rajni's previous film Shivaji. Four words can describe my condition after that: I Spoke Too Soon ( I could really add a lot more 'O's to the too but I don't have the time and don't feel like bothering you all with 3 or more lines of 'O's). The villain is just the jealous teacher of Rajni as his student has surpassed the master in building a Humanoid Robot. A little humor is present here and there that would make you grin or smile but not laugh as much. The main purpose of creating the Robot was for helping India progress and then the World but it has to pass a certain evaluation and get an approval for production by some people who are supposed to be some Board of Directors for Robotics or something(I didn't bother looking at that as I was too much 'engrossed' in the film). The villain is the head of the Directors and he rejects it with reasonable um,well reasons. Basically it has no feelings and that is the only flaw. So Rajni trys to program and then teach it feelings. I'm pretty sure the Rajni's character in the film being a big genius inventor who ended up inventing a Robot would have known that teaching a Robot feelings was like teaching a Lizard how a Light Bulb works,I mean seriously come on, a little logic wouldn't hurt.

Well like Spider-Man was bitten by a Spider to get his powers, Chitty (They named the Robot that) got his feelings when he was struck by a lightning bolt on a stormy night during one of his 'Feelings Lessons' (Luckily all Teachers have gone through Teacher Training in Colleges otherwise they would be taking lessons with the class out in the open during a Thunderstorm with no regard for their own lives). I didn't want to mention anything about Aishwarya Rai because she was the one who did the acting flawlessly and my sis said that the film might run for her sake but nobody is perfect well at least Aishwarya's character wasn't. Common sense seemed to be very uncommon with her. Everyone knows what a guy might feel when a good-looking girl comes and kisses him on the cheek despite the fact she has a boyfriend who looks like he is 40 years old. So Aishwarya's character didn't think twice before doing that and she forgot the fact that the Robot might develop the feeling of Love. From this point on the story is pretty much the same as the English Movie- Artificial Intelligence which is pretty much about the Robot trying to earn the Love of the person it longs for except the Robot in A.I looks like a 10-year old boy wanting to earn the love of the Mother he is created for.

So everything that Chitty does is for Love. He is eventually destroyed at some part in which he rises from the ashes or garbage to be specific to be brought back to tip-top shape by the villain and turned evil by inserting a red chip(so that even little kids can understand since lots of things that seem evil to them is mainly in Red color). He comes and kidnaps his lady love from her marriage and then a big chase scene issues in which the Evil Chitty or V 2.0 as he calls himself is being chased by the Police. I thought I couldn't be more irritated and yet I was proven wrong because of the utterly useless Robot voice singing Two Point O throughout the chase.

So the story goes on and on with me staring hopelessly at the screen and counting how many people are leaving. The funny thing was the reply my dad said when I showed him all the people leaving and that was -"They maybe going to the Toilet". Either all of them drank too much of the same drink or have really freaky time-bomb like bladders that go off at the same time. My strong willpower kept me going through the film and I nearly cracked when I remembered that they told they extended the climax for 30 minutes to show off the effects. The ONLY ONLY part in the movie when I laughed was when Rajni bleated like a Sheep and that barely lasted for 30 seconds.

Back to the extended climax. All The Rajni Robots fight off the forces by 'combining together' to form different shapes. The Sphere shape and the way of fighting was pretty good-thinking but not much of an impression-maker. The Snake form was alright. It was the final form that was worth watching. All Robots combine to make a 30 feet tall Robot. Now that is what I came to expect. But the next ten seconds removed that short-lived excitement from my face. That Giant robot couldn't even catch the Bus in which Rajni and Aishwarya were escaping. Everyone knows a T-Rex. Its maximum height is just 20 feet tall and that too rarely and even that can take strides of 9 or 10 metres while running. So why can't a 30 feet tall Humanoid Robot take a minimum of 12 metres in a stride. No Logic. Finally the story goes for a little longer and the film ended along with 3 whole hours of my life. The Moral of the Film (Said by Chitty) -" People are living with Red Chips inside them in the form of Jealousy and Hatred". I finally lost my patience and cracked. I sat 3 loooooong hours for this piece of advice said by old people eversince????

Final Verdict: Unless your a die-hard Rajni fan or a person who hasn't seen Hollywood Movies this film isn't worth watching. My Dad's friend said that it might be enjoyable for kids. I ain't a Kid now but I sure have enjoyed watching Disney Movies ten times as much as this.

Anyways its been fun writing (or was it?)

This is AJ signing off.