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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Change of Plans

Good day to you dear Readers,

This is post is just an announcement about my current status. I have successfully completed my High School and I am going to start college by July 1st. I have also neglected posting anything on this blog as I have had lots of other things going on in life.

The main thing that was going on was school. The same old study, study routine. Well since I have completed school, I will be having a lot more free time. Secondly, I spent my holidays working with PC Magazine as an Assistant Technical Editor. I have received lots of praises for my work from people within the media as well as readers, alike.

Now I would like to announce that this is my last post in this blog as I have well passed my teenage years. I however, will not stop writing as I have shifted my focus to a more 'technology-related' blog. Kindly, check out my future endeavor The Wireless Teens. This is a joint collaboration by my brother and me. I hope you all enjoy reading it.

Thanks for all your support,

For the last time,
This is AJ signing off!