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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Enthiran-Another Rajni Film(Oh No!)

Inspiration doesn't come so easily as I have found out from these 3 months. Nothing was inspirational enough to post about and I was just about give up on even posting when inspiration punched me dead in the face in the form of a film. I still regret getting that inspiration.

Enthiran was the biggest hype in South India when it was announced. It was the first Tamil or overall Indian film to attempt rivaling Hollywood and its Movie Tech. In a sense all Indians should be proud and some still are but those who saw the film, I'm pretty sure you were having a hard time remembering what they were trying to do in the first place. The success behind Hollywood fictitious films is because they have some logic behind it even though it is basically a story about something that doesn't exist. As bad as Tamil films are getting these days(there are a few exceptions since I still do watch them) people don't want another epic fail and that too with graphics for God's sake.

Rajni has been successful in giving ANOTHER over the head, too much dramatic film but luckily no punch dialogues. I feel really sorry for everyone who took part in the creation of this film because they even kept functions for the release of the movie trailer! I mean seriously why do they need this kind of hype? Its like they are just reeling us in to watch the film. I'm sure that Vivek wasn't aware what he was saying when he commented at the Trailer Release function that they could run the trailer itself for a hundred days in theaters and still people would come to watch the film. Well the reason is because people do not know how horrible the ENTIRE film will be.

So I was off for the much hyped film with my dad and sister at around 5. No need of explaining what it would be like in a theater filled with Tamil audiences for a film(especially Tamil) during the opening credits-A hell lot of loud whistling. Anyways the first half was alright. Rajni for the first time didn't have such a bigger-than-life entrance for a film. It was pretty simple and so I thought this film would be really worth watching and enjoyable like Rajni's previous film Shivaji. Four words can describe my condition after that: I Spoke Too Soon ( I could really add a lot more 'O's to the too but I don't have the time and don't feel like bothering you all with 3 or more lines of 'O's). The villain is just the jealous teacher of Rajni as his student has surpassed the master in building a Humanoid Robot. A little humor is present here and there that would make you grin or smile but not laugh as much. The main purpose of creating the Robot was for helping India progress and then the World but it has to pass a certain evaluation and get an approval for production by some people who are supposed to be some Board of Directors for Robotics or something(I didn't bother looking at that as I was too much 'engrossed' in the film). The villain is the head of the Directors and he rejects it with reasonable um,well reasons. Basically it has no feelings and that is the only flaw. So Rajni trys to program and then teach it feelings. I'm pretty sure the Rajni's character in the film being a big genius inventor who ended up inventing a Robot would have known that teaching a Robot feelings was like teaching a Lizard how a Light Bulb works,I mean seriously come on, a little logic wouldn't hurt.

Well like Spider-Man was bitten by a Spider to get his powers, Chitty (They named the Robot that) got his feelings when he was struck by a lightning bolt on a stormy night during one of his 'Feelings Lessons' (Luckily all Teachers have gone through Teacher Training in Colleges otherwise they would be taking lessons with the class out in the open during a Thunderstorm with no regard for their own lives). I didn't want to mention anything about Aishwarya Rai because she was the one who did the acting flawlessly and my sis said that the film might run for her sake but nobody is perfect well at least Aishwarya's character wasn't. Common sense seemed to be very uncommon with her. Everyone knows what a guy might feel when a good-looking girl comes and kisses him on the cheek despite the fact she has a boyfriend who looks like he is 40 years old. So Aishwarya's character didn't think twice before doing that and she forgot the fact that the Robot might develop the feeling of Love. From this point on the story is pretty much the same as the English Movie- Artificial Intelligence which is pretty much about the Robot trying to earn the Love of the person it longs for except the Robot in A.I looks like a 10-year old boy wanting to earn the love of the Mother he is created for.

So everything that Chitty does is for Love. He is eventually destroyed at some part in which he rises from the ashes or garbage to be specific to be brought back to tip-top shape by the villain and turned evil by inserting a red chip(so that even little kids can understand since lots of things that seem evil to them is mainly in Red color). He comes and kidnaps his lady love from her marriage and then a big chase scene issues in which the Evil Chitty or V 2.0 as he calls himself is being chased by the Police. I thought I couldn't be more irritated and yet I was proven wrong because of the utterly useless Robot voice singing Two Point O throughout the chase.

So the story goes on and on with me staring hopelessly at the screen and counting how many people are leaving. The funny thing was the reply my dad said when I showed him all the people leaving and that was -"They maybe going to the Toilet". Either all of them drank too much of the same drink or have really freaky time-bomb like bladders that go off at the same time. My strong willpower kept me going through the film and I nearly cracked when I remembered that they told they extended the climax for 30 minutes to show off the effects. The ONLY ONLY part in the movie when I laughed was when Rajni bleated like a Sheep and that barely lasted for 30 seconds.

Back to the extended climax. All The Rajni Robots fight off the forces by 'combining together' to form different shapes. The Sphere shape and the way of fighting was pretty good-thinking but not much of an impression-maker. The Snake form was alright. It was the final form that was worth watching. All Robots combine to make a 30 feet tall Robot. Now that is what I came to expect. But the next ten seconds removed that short-lived excitement from my face. That Giant robot couldn't even catch the Bus in which Rajni and Aishwarya were escaping. Everyone knows a T-Rex. Its maximum height is just 20 feet tall and that too rarely and even that can take strides of 9 or 10 metres while running. So why can't a 30 feet tall Humanoid Robot take a minimum of 12 metres in a stride. No Logic. Finally the story goes for a little longer and the film ended along with 3 whole hours of my life. The Moral of the Film (Said by Chitty) -" People are living with Red Chips inside them in the form of Jealousy and Hatred". I finally lost my patience and cracked. I sat 3 loooooong hours for this piece of advice said by old people eversince????

Final Verdict: Unless your a die-hard Rajni fan or a person who hasn't seen Hollywood Movies this film isn't worth watching. My Dad's friend said that it might be enjoyable for kids. I ain't a Kid now but I sure have enjoyed watching Disney Movies ten times as much as this.

Anyways its been fun writing (or was it?)

This is AJ signing off.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

MMORPGs-Social Interaction+Fun and Time Pass

There are still people who don't know what MMORPGs are. Well the full form is Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(s) and there are also called MMOs for short. Nowadays there are loads of MMORPGs, infact I'm having a hard time figuring out which one to play. The main aim in some of them is just any other game and that is to finish it via a storyline or so. Others have some social features like chatting and some have both. The most famous and subscribed to MMORPG is World of Warcraft. Some people are so addicted to it that as soon as they get back from office or school will sit on it and get off only when they are about to go to bed. But not just WOW is addicting, there are other MMOs people are addicted to.

I myself am a Hardcore Gamer so I have played a lot of games before I came to know about MMOs. The first MMO I ever played and still am playing is RuneScape. It is a browser-based MMO meaning you don't have to download it and can play it on any Internet browser. It was founded by Andrew Gower a guy who created a Java game as a project for his college but soon was bought by a british company called JaGex Ltd and turned into the Most Popular MMORPG in the World as rated by The Guiness Book of World Records ! It is centred around Medieval times meaning the weaponry in the game is usually swords,shields,bows and arrows. It has over 5000 hours of gameplay with 20 quests(or Missions or Tasks) and 17 skills to raise. It is free to play or you can pay $5.95 per month as membership for 50,000 hours of gameplay and extra benefits as well access to 166 quests and 9 more skills !

There is whole lot more to the game that I can go on about but you have to try it to experience it. It may seem hard at first but as the game goes on it becomes more exciting and addicting to play. I have been playing it for 5 years now and still don't feel like stopping.

Like I said before lots of MMO give more importance to Society. My sister infact plays MMOs that also have chat functions included. It's great time pass to just goe up to someone in Virtual Reality and start a conversation and who knows it might even be your relative or your next door neighbour playing.(Trust me it happens because in my family all my cousins played and even my three uncles and now my brother who is just 6 years old is playing even though he doesn't understand :) ). So MMOs can also be a joined family activity. Some people don't forget the G in MMORPG so they play it purely because its basically a Game.

I play MMORPGs for all reasons. I'm also reading reviews about them to see which is the "next big thing" in MMOs like all MMORPGers. I don't know for which reason all of you guys may play for but it sure is a great way to kill time(if you have time to kill that is).

Anyways its been fun writing.

This is AJ signing off.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Cool Electronics=More Teenage Desire

As soon as you visit my blog you would see the small fact about me(Just above the 'View my complete profile' link) so you would have noticed the second line stating that I'm 'Boredom Prone' and that lead to another thing to post. It's a Sunday evening and I'm in 10th so I'll obviously be thinking of the tests that I will be having the next day and I was half afraid,half ignorant that I went and sat on my laptop and did what all teenagers call their lifestyle or surfing the internet for short.I was just looking at some how-to-do-things guides on how to do things when I remembered my phone(Nokia N97 Mini).So I went and starting searching for reviews about the phone(After 1 month of owning it-Just goes to show how fast I am).

The funny thing about the Internet is that you start searching for something and at a certain point you would be reading about something you didn't think about searching(Example searching for things to do when bored and ending up seeing pictures of how stupid human beings are-happened to me and in case you wanted to know go to google and select images and type stupidity).So I was searching for reviews and went to a site showing all the 'Things that are too damn expensive for a boy's father to buy'.

My life is now centered around electronics.So everywhere I go I always have an electronic device with me.So like almost every teenager I have a laptop,a phone and a Playstation.I don't even use a watch now and I use my mobile to tell time,its crazy!(In a sort of good way,well for me atleast).I was reading my phone's review as i already mentioned and I stumbled upon pictures and a review about the yet to be released,latest iPhone 4G.It's in the testing stages as no mobile network service has yet introduced a 4G network but an American operator called Sprint has done so.Lately Apple,Inc is dominating the world.First the iPod was introduced,became a massive hit and had its own 'family' line the best being the iPod Touch which looks so much similar to the iPhone,which was the next big hit to be released and that too had its own 'family' line.Now the biggest hit yet by Apple is the iPad.

Tablet PCs are the newest electronics to hit the market.They are like Laptops but are much more lighter,slimmer,attract more attention and are great for showing off.Most to all Tablets are touchscreen with no keyboard but an onscreen keyboard for when typing is required like full touchscreen phones. They have less storage space and a bit slow processors are they are just released in the market.Just like the iPhone dominated the Mobiles the iPad looks like its on its way to dominate this new market. It comes in 16 GB,32 GB and 64 GB.I haven't read much about it nor have I read it so I cant post a review about it but then again Google is there for everything.

Seeing the ways things are going it isn't going to be very long before lots of teenagers have a Tablet PC in their 'Arsenal of Electronics' so all parents be aware.Even my Dad has to beware maybe,who knows.

Anyways its been fun writing.

This is AJ signing off.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPhone OR Nokia N97 Mini

Lately the World is now under control of Electronics and the 'Kings' are definitely Mobile Network Communication Device or Mobile Phone or Mobile as everyone calls it. Well I made up Mobile Network name but now Mobiles aren't just communication devices now are they? They are Camera+Mp3 player+Camcorder+Recorder+Games Console+Storage Device+I can go on telling about these the whole day+Let me just skip to the point. Everything is dominated or so I'm told and the same case goes for Mobiles.

The Mobile 'Throne' was and currently is occupied by Apple's iPhone. These impressive phones have 3 models excluding the storage space and they are- iPhone(16 GB,32 GB),iPhone 3G(I think it also has 16 and 32 GB but I'm not sure) and the lastest and greatest iPhone yet,iPhone 3GS(16 GB,32 GB).

Personally I never knew and till now don't know whats the big deal about the iPhone. I only got to use the iPhone for a week or so and it was my dad's iPhone 3GS 16 GB. I came to dubai for the holidays on the 28th of April and the first phone I used since I came was the iPhone. At first it didn't look much. Just a black,bulky phone and my dad had a leather black and orange cover for it so it just added to the style statement. It has the smoothest touch screen I ever used and the screen just seems to glide by with the swipe of my thumb. The best thing that I think everyone loves about the iPhone is its Interface, its just absolutely amazing! Search for reviews and specifications about the phone on google and the iPhone regardless of model will always show a positive review.

But everything that seems perfect always has a few defects though.
What errors I point out are mainly based on my opinion so it may vary and you have to see the results by actually buying the phone. Who knows maybe you might not see these as defects at all.

1.All of Apple's products that start with i such as iPod or iPhone always use iTunes to sync it with the computer. That is irritating because it always take time to sync even during second use. The time eventually increases when you fill up the iPod or iPhone with applications. So this is a thing I think as a defect.

2.The camera has no flash nor zoom. I mean come on, the iPhone is a next generation phone but it doesn't have a decent camera. So if your planning on taking pictures at night,don't bother nor if you want to take a picture of something that is far away. Though there are applications you can download to fix that but that reduces the image clarity.

3.Majority of the best applications in the App Store requires dollars. Not to say I don't mind paying cash but its in dollars !

Ok then I think thats enough. Now Nokia wanted to take back the Throne since it was the only manufacturer that people commonly buy from. To do this hard task they took one of their best phones the N97 and tryed to make that into a smaller more better version and the result-The Nokia N97 Mini. Well all they did was made it thinner,more slim,more lighter,reduced the 3.5 inch touch screen to 3.2 inches and added a new color option.

It is an impressive phone.It has a touch screen AS WELL as a three row full qwerty keyboard with arrow keys. The spacebar has an odd placement but it doesn't take more than a day to get used to it. In fact it took me only an hour or so. It has 3 things the iPhone doesn't-A Carl Zeiss 5 megapixel camera WITH flash thats powerful enough to act as a torch and a Home Screen where widgets are placed for quick access of applications that you use often. Nokia knew that peoples life nowadays are within facebook,twitter etc. so they have pre-installed all those widgets as standard so you can update your accounts on the go. It also has Ovi Store and Ovi Maps as standard so you can download awesome and useful applications on the go as well. It has 8 GB internal memory with 16 GB expandable memory because for teenagers like me even 100 GB seems less. It is silimar to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic being the same size but slimmer. So you can pretty much have the same music sensation.

Web browsing is faster in the iPhone 3GS than in the Mini but the Mini can directly download songs and applications direct from the web browser but the iPhone can only download from App Store so Mini wins.

The Mini feels light and small in your hand but the iPhone though slimmer is much more wide and bulky.Another score for Mini.

The Mini has quick access to contacts for instant messaging or calling and offers upto 8 favorite contacts to appear in the home screen whereas in the iPhone you have to go all the way to contacts and select the person to call.Another score.

The iPhone's application opening and closing speed is much faster than the Mini but it doesn't show which apps are still running so the battery is gonna take a fall.Another score.

Important point for most people battery life.
Here the iPhone stinks.I know because I have been using it for 7 days so the charging was up to me.Play 5 songs and nearly 20 % of battery is down.You can have a maximum of 14-15 hours music playback but let music run on the Mini for a day and go to sleep and wake up the next morning and it will still be playing.Good thing Nokia still makes long-life batteries.Another Score.

There is one thing the Mini fails in and thats the touch screen.Lots of reviews show that the screen is the only problem in the Mini because Nokia is still using the Resistive Screen.The iPhone wins here.

Thing is people who want smoothness can opt for the iPhone screen but the thing is people who have big fingers or by mistake click the wrong app in the iPhone it directly goes to that and so it will take up a few seconds to close the app and click the app that is wanted.Whereas if its a hard screen you might want to give a little bit more pressure for the click so I think it might be useful in this situation.

Well I love the N97 Mini and I currently have it. It around 1399 to 1550 AED depending on stores and the Nokia warranties.

Though I have the Mini I might buy the iPhone only IF it comes with a qwerty keyboard. There is a small reason I got attracted to the Mini in the first place. Its because my dad suggested it so it didn't take long to start liking it. But another reason is my dad wouldn't buy me an iPhone . Actually I wasn't even supposed to get the Mini.Well I'm glad I did and I have no regrets for getting the phone and sometimes my dad itself would say,"I could have bought the Mini itself".

Well I hope this was useful in some way
Thanks for spending sometime to read this.

Well this is AJ signing off.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

School Life is the Start of Life

School !! A Word remembered for 12 years by all human beings who have the capability to go to school.The word School has a million definitions depending on children but it is just one thing or to keep it simple its a place where education is given by lots of teachers to a large mass of students.

If you ask a student who fails a lot they would say it is a living nightmare or hell on earth where they are forced to study subjects which aren't even required for the future and the teachers are devils.

Same question if you ask an average student they would say its just another place to get new friends and to waste time and to get away from parents who nag them to study all the time and teachers are just people who come to class and waste their breath.

Repeat the question to the First Ranker and he or she would say School is heaven,which idiot told that it was a living nightmare and that the teachers are devils?My Maths Sir is like my second Father and my Economics Miss is my second mother.(Personally I don't know why the First Ranker is my class thinks like that.I think its because he never got a shouting or got lots of praises).

Either way I just think School is all these things except a living nightmare(Well I used to think of my Hindi teacher as a monster but ever since I started studying she has been singing praises all these months).I would prefer Dubai schools because we have less homework and classwork and things to study but here I use 3 gel pens a week so that is 30 rupees per week.There is a lot more study competition here than in Dubai like suppose a student gets 998/1000 he or she might still get second or third rank so just think how the first ranker might study.

Though studies is the thing that 95% of children complain about,no ever complains much about the school.Its a wonderland for education and fun.Things that are gained here are Knowledge,Skill and Stamina through sports,Friendship and Power(Through the little violent fights that take place in class and girls aren't an exception in my class but they are a LOT LESS violent,of course).

Like I said in my previous post something that is good must have bad points.I have found a lot of inconveniences in Indian Schools but I feel that I should just note down the main pointers.

First Point - Teachers
Though teachers aren't devils that doesn't mean their your friends nor your enemies but basically even Dubai teachers are way better than the Indians.One thing is that Indian Teachers especially the Sirs aren't broad minded.You talk to a boy(In Girls Case) or if you talk to a girl(In Boys Case) or just simply smile you would get punished but who are they to address us??? Can they come and punish us in the future when we work side by side with Men or Women in office??? No,its obvious!!!! If Indian Teachers were broad minded then what reason would children need to simply talk to the other gender just to irritate the teachers??? The reason the teachers of the present are so short minded is because the teachers of the past were short minded as well. I'm even beginning to think this might be a reason that India doesn't develop.

Second Point-Teachers
Men and Women are both in equal status in the present at Social and Business Levels.Boys and Girls even WERE equal in the past in schools.Nowadays,its hard to find a single teacher out of a thousand teachers who support boys.They are very partial towards Girls in the present which creates jealously,hatred and vengeance in Boys.
Previously I had a Computer Science Competition that took place in my school.Each class was split into 2 teams of 4 members for Boys and Girls respectively.While there was only 1 week till the day of the competition,my team was doing the planning.The Girls team went for 4 days to the lab,bunking all the periods which they thought were boring even without asking permission whereas the boys weren't even given permission by anyone to go.When we got the permission our computer science teacher wouldn't let us into the lab.The Girls worked on their projects for 6 days wheres we were given only 2 1/2 days(Doesn't that seem partial?).Finally one day after we got fed up and really angry with our teacher we decided to drop our projects if she didn't allow us into the Computer Lab.When she entered the class we asked permission but we were rejected.My friends went into a fury but I told them to wait and see if the girls got permission.As a thought the teacher gave them permission.Well at this moment if it was possible our faces would have been red with rage and smoke would be coming out of our ears and nose.Being close descendants from Gorillas we did exactly what a Gorilla would do in rage - Destroy anything it sees.So we broke 2 tables in our class and told our teacher we want out.So she had no choice but to let us continue our projects because she was going to lose a valuable team.
So partiality is another thing I hate about teachers."Everyone born equal,should have the Right to remain equal!" So I'm not saying that Girls are treated like princesses but they should treat boys equally to girls.

Third Point - Teachers
If you didn't commit a crime but you were falsely caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and accused of the crime what would you do? A million things to sue the person who is falsely accusing you?Same thing here about Indian Teachers.For them it is Punish First and Question Later.The serious thing is that they don't even question later but not at all,they just punish but they don't punish girls if they have done a mistake another thing in partiality.Boys get blamed.If this keeps continuing,Girls are going to take us for granted and even then the teachers won't question them.Lots of people ask again and again and again - Why doesn't India develop??? Well I think I found the answer - Partiality and Over reactions to almost everything.If any kid reading this wants to become a teacher think about what I wrote.You would be loved by students other than be cursed by them.

Well this is AJ signing off.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Day At The Science Exhibition

What is a science fair or exhibition to us?Well the majority of children will say its just a waste of time but then a question pops up in our mind asking was it a waste of our knowledge and skill?Then comes the real answer 'No' but children don't like it when they are left without an option so they pop another question what did we gain from this?(This is what the children who didn't get a prize at the science exhibition would usually ask).Then we ask them this -Before a week from the exhibition did you know what a Water Overflow Indicator is and how it works or what a Tsunami Warning or Solar Panel or a See-Saw Water Flow is?Simple answer 'No'.Now if we ask they will say 2 or 3 paragraphs about them and then only realize that all of a sudden they say this much without knowing what it was a week ago.

In a Science Exhibition its the knowledge gained and not the prize gained that counts(Well I would just like to add I got second prize not that I want to spoil what I'm trying to say here).Well if something like this has so much advantages you have to sooner or later say the disadvantages(this must be the moment any children reading this would be waiting for).

First thing is I'm not an early person,for me early morning is 10 am so my grandfather usually says good afternoon as soon as I wake up who can blame him?So imagine my shock when my Physics teacher says I have to be at school at 6:45 am sharp but when I go to school my teacher arrives slowly showing off his new bike at 7:30!!!! Imagine what I would have been thinking at that time?

Second thing is the time taken to travel.Who told the school trust to put 2 districts distance between my school and the college?

Third thing remember not too eat any gaseous food especially egg in the morning otherwise you would end up stinking the whole bus during the travel and would be searching desperately for a toilet throughout the college.

Fourth thing is carrying those heavy charts and projects here and there.You have to carry a plastic house, a lighthouse and a beach once in a while.

Fifth thing is making your usual lunch time from 12 pm to 3:30 pm.I had to do it because the college teachers and students come and see our projects at their leisure which leads to the sixth point-Waiting which no kid likes to do in this lightning fast world.

Seventh thing is to NEVER EVER EVER get a partner for the science exhibition because my partner ran off at the start of the exhibition and came back only when it ended so I lost all my energy explaining about his project as well.

Eighth and last thing is the audience and the Judge.The audiences come and go at their leisure and the Judge always comes last when our projects get worn out or broken after all the demonstration.I liked the Judge very much because after everyone saw our projects they wrote their comments on the comment book so when the Judge came no one even opened their mouths except when explaining but when he was about to leave I just called and asked,"Sir,Comments please".He replied by saying,"Why comments?I'll give a certificate itself!".

After he left I was just standing there with a blank look on my face when everyone from my school team ran up to me and shook my hand,"Man your great!How could you think like this?We were so silent and nothing was running in our heads but you were brave and alert enough to ask the Judge for comments.Now we are sure we are going to get a prize".

Turns out my school only got the 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes out of the 14 schools that participated.Imagine how proud I was when they announced-Mohamed Sathak Matriculation and Higher Secondary School,Champions of the Globe-Tech 2010 Science Exhibition.Congrats to all of you!".It sent chills down my spine and gave tears in my eyes.Grand moment which I will not forget in my life.

So I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing.

Well this is AJ signing off.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My First Blog

Welcome one and all to my blog.This is my first blog and I got the idea of starting a blog thanks to my Father.There is nothing much about me that needs to be specified I'm just like any other 14 year old boy with a dream to achieve and a family full of support to achieve that dream.I was born in Kerala,India and I was brought up in Dubai,United Arab Emirates.By the way my dream is to become an Animator or a guy who tests out new games(Obviously a dream that all boys would have).I want to own a Porsche Carrera GT and a Ducati 1098 R but right now what I really want is to finish my 10th and 12th.

Well this is AJ signing off.