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Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Day At The Science Exhibition

What is a science fair or exhibition to us?Well the majority of children will say its just a waste of time but then a question pops up in our mind asking was it a waste of our knowledge and skill?Then comes the real answer 'No' but children don't like it when they are left without an option so they pop another question what did we gain from this?(This is what the children who didn't get a prize at the science exhibition would usually ask).Then we ask them this -Before a week from the exhibition did you know what a Water Overflow Indicator is and how it works or what a Tsunami Warning or Solar Panel or a See-Saw Water Flow is?Simple answer 'No'.Now if we ask they will say 2 or 3 paragraphs about them and then only realize that all of a sudden they say this much without knowing what it was a week ago.

In a Science Exhibition its the knowledge gained and not the prize gained that counts(Well I would just like to add I got second prize not that I want to spoil what I'm trying to say here).Well if something like this has so much advantages you have to sooner or later say the disadvantages(this must be the moment any children reading this would be waiting for).

First thing is I'm not an early person,for me early morning is 10 am so my grandfather usually says good afternoon as soon as I wake up who can blame him?So imagine my shock when my Physics teacher says I have to be at school at 6:45 am sharp but when I go to school my teacher arrives slowly showing off his new bike at 7:30!!!! Imagine what I would have been thinking at that time?

Second thing is the time taken to travel.Who told the school trust to put 2 districts distance between my school and the college?

Third thing remember not too eat any gaseous food especially egg in the morning otherwise you would end up stinking the whole bus during the travel and would be searching desperately for a toilet throughout the college.

Fourth thing is carrying those heavy charts and projects here and there.You have to carry a plastic house, a lighthouse and a beach once in a while.

Fifth thing is making your usual lunch time from 12 pm to 3:30 pm.I had to do it because the college teachers and students come and see our projects at their leisure which leads to the sixth point-Waiting which no kid likes to do in this lightning fast world.

Seventh thing is to NEVER EVER EVER get a partner for the science exhibition because my partner ran off at the start of the exhibition and came back only when it ended so I lost all my energy explaining about his project as well.

Eighth and last thing is the audience and the Judge.The audiences come and go at their leisure and the Judge always comes last when our projects get worn out or broken after all the demonstration.I liked the Judge very much because after everyone saw our projects they wrote their comments on the comment book so when the Judge came no one even opened their mouths except when explaining but when he was about to leave I just called and asked,"Sir,Comments please".He replied by saying,"Why comments?I'll give a certificate itself!".

After he left I was just standing there with a blank look on my face when everyone from my school team ran up to me and shook my hand,"Man your great!How could you think like this?We were so silent and nothing was running in our heads but you were brave and alert enough to ask the Judge for comments.Now we are sure we are going to get a prize".

Turns out my school only got the 1st,2nd and 3rd prizes out of the 14 schools that participated.Imagine how proud I was when they announced-Mohamed Sathak Matriculation and Higher Secondary School,Champions of the Globe-Tech 2010 Science Exhibition.Congrats to all of you!".It sent chills down my spine and gave tears in my eyes.Grand moment which I will not forget in my life.

So I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing.

Well this is AJ signing off.

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  1. Dear Abdul Jabbar Jr. very interesting beginning. keep it up! just heard about yr creation from from your dad. All the best. Abdul Katheem