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Thursday, January 28, 2010

School Life is the Start of Life

School !! A Word remembered for 12 years by all human beings who have the capability to go to school.The word School has a million definitions depending on children but it is just one thing or to keep it simple its a place where education is given by lots of teachers to a large mass of students.

If you ask a student who fails a lot they would say it is a living nightmare or hell on earth where they are forced to study subjects which aren't even required for the future and the teachers are devils.

Same question if you ask an average student they would say its just another place to get new friends and to waste time and to get away from parents who nag them to study all the time and teachers are just people who come to class and waste their breath.

Repeat the question to the First Ranker and he or she would say School is heaven,which idiot told that it was a living nightmare and that the teachers are devils?My Maths Sir is like my second Father and my Economics Miss is my second mother.(Personally I don't know why the First Ranker is my class thinks like that.I think its because he never got a shouting or got lots of praises).

Either way I just think School is all these things except a living nightmare(Well I used to think of my Hindi teacher as a monster but ever since I started studying she has been singing praises all these months).I would prefer Dubai schools because we have less homework and classwork and things to study but here I use 3 gel pens a week so that is 30 rupees per week.There is a lot more study competition here than in Dubai like suppose a student gets 998/1000 he or she might still get second or third rank so just think how the first ranker might study.

Though studies is the thing that 95% of children complain about,no ever complains much about the school.Its a wonderland for education and fun.Things that are gained here are Knowledge,Skill and Stamina through sports,Friendship and Power(Through the little violent fights that take place in class and girls aren't an exception in my class but they are a LOT LESS violent,of course).

Like I said in my previous post something that is good must have bad points.I have found a lot of inconveniences in Indian Schools but I feel that I should just note down the main pointers.

First Point - Teachers
Though teachers aren't devils that doesn't mean their your friends nor your enemies but basically even Dubai teachers are way better than the Indians.One thing is that Indian Teachers especially the Sirs aren't broad minded.You talk to a boy(In Girls Case) or if you talk to a girl(In Boys Case) or just simply smile you would get punished but who are they to address us??? Can they come and punish us in the future when we work side by side with Men or Women in office??? No,its obvious!!!! If Indian Teachers were broad minded then what reason would children need to simply talk to the other gender just to irritate the teachers??? The reason the teachers of the present are so short minded is because the teachers of the past were short minded as well. I'm even beginning to think this might be a reason that India doesn't develop.

Second Point-Teachers
Men and Women are both in equal status in the present at Social and Business Levels.Boys and Girls even WERE equal in the past in schools.Nowadays,its hard to find a single teacher out of a thousand teachers who support boys.They are very partial towards Girls in the present which creates jealously,hatred and vengeance in Boys.
Previously I had a Computer Science Competition that took place in my school.Each class was split into 2 teams of 4 members for Boys and Girls respectively.While there was only 1 week till the day of the competition,my team was doing the planning.The Girls team went for 4 days to the lab,bunking all the periods which they thought were boring even without asking permission whereas the boys weren't even given permission by anyone to go.When we got the permission our computer science teacher wouldn't let us into the lab.The Girls worked on their projects for 6 days wheres we were given only 2 1/2 days(Doesn't that seem partial?).Finally one day after we got fed up and really angry with our teacher we decided to drop our projects if she didn't allow us into the Computer Lab.When she entered the class we asked permission but we were rejected.My friends went into a fury but I told them to wait and see if the girls got permission.As a thought the teacher gave them permission.Well at this moment if it was possible our faces would have been red with rage and smoke would be coming out of our ears and nose.Being close descendants from Gorillas we did exactly what a Gorilla would do in rage - Destroy anything it sees.So we broke 2 tables in our class and told our teacher we want out.So she had no choice but to let us continue our projects because she was going to lose a valuable team.
So partiality is another thing I hate about teachers."Everyone born equal,should have the Right to remain equal!" So I'm not saying that Girls are treated like princesses but they should treat boys equally to girls.

Third Point - Teachers
If you didn't commit a crime but you were falsely caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and accused of the crime what would you do? A million things to sue the person who is falsely accusing you?Same thing here about Indian Teachers.For them it is Punish First and Question Later.The serious thing is that they don't even question later but not at all,they just punish but they don't punish girls if they have done a mistake another thing in partiality.Boys get blamed.If this keeps continuing,Girls are going to take us for granted and even then the teachers won't question them.Lots of people ask again and again and again - Why doesn't India develop??? Well I think I found the answer - Partiality and Over reactions to almost everything.If any kid reading this wants to become a teacher think about what I wrote.You would be loved by students other than be cursed by them.

Well this is AJ signing off.

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