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Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Cool Electronics=More Teenage Desire

As soon as you visit my blog you would see the small fact about me(Just above the 'View my complete profile' link) so you would have noticed the second line stating that I'm 'Boredom Prone' and that lead to another thing to post. It's a Sunday evening and I'm in 10th so I'll obviously be thinking of the tests that I will be having the next day and I was half afraid,half ignorant that I went and sat on my laptop and did what all teenagers call their lifestyle or surfing the internet for short.I was just looking at some how-to-do-things guides on how to do things when I remembered my phone(Nokia N97 Mini).So I went and starting searching for reviews about the phone(After 1 month of owning it-Just goes to show how fast I am).

The funny thing about the Internet is that you start searching for something and at a certain point you would be reading about something you didn't think about searching(Example searching for things to do when bored and ending up seeing pictures of how stupid human beings are-happened to me and in case you wanted to know go to google and select images and type stupidity).So I was searching for reviews and went to a site showing all the 'Things that are too damn expensive for a boy's father to buy'.

My life is now centered around electronics.So everywhere I go I always have an electronic device with me.So like almost every teenager I have a laptop,a phone and a Playstation.I don't even use a watch now and I use my mobile to tell time,its crazy!(In a sort of good way,well for me atleast).I was reading my phone's review as i already mentioned and I stumbled upon pictures and a review about the yet to be released,latest iPhone 4G.It's in the testing stages as no mobile network service has yet introduced a 4G network but an American operator called Sprint has done so.Lately Apple,Inc is dominating the world.First the iPod was introduced,became a massive hit and had its own 'family' line the best being the iPod Touch which looks so much similar to the iPhone,which was the next big hit to be released and that too had its own 'family' line.Now the biggest hit yet by Apple is the iPad.

Tablet PCs are the newest electronics to hit the market.They are like Laptops but are much more lighter,slimmer,attract more attention and are great for showing off.Most to all Tablets are touchscreen with no keyboard but an onscreen keyboard for when typing is required like full touchscreen phones. They have less storage space and a bit slow processors are they are just released in the market.Just like the iPhone dominated the Mobiles the iPad looks like its on its way to dominate this new market. It comes in 16 GB,32 GB and 64 GB.I haven't read much about it nor have I read it so I cant post a review about it but then again Google is there for everything.

Seeing the ways things are going it isn't going to be very long before lots of teenagers have a Tablet PC in their 'Arsenal of Electronics' so all parents be aware.Even my Dad has to beware maybe,who knows.

Anyways its been fun writing.

This is AJ signing off.


  1. came to ur blog thro' ur father's.. pretty interesting write up.. keep it up. I-phone4 is out in the market last week. Its an awesome piece of work. you can read its review nowitself(instead of doing it after a month :) ) and add one more to your wishlist!!

  2. hi, abdul jabbar, all the best. keep writing. (if possible, pl. change the background colour which makes uncomfortable to read).

  3. Hi man , we met at dubai u may remember me , and change the font color.

    all the best keep writing dont follow ur father :)))))))))))

  4. hi landed in your blog through your dad's.

    Yes ,i guess in a way electronics/cyber age has made it a fast food life?One gets bored pretty fast,and it is spreading fast too.

    could you please chek what color would be best for people's vision and change your blog's background.Kind of hurts.Keep blogging.....

  5. Hi AJ :))
    (Your name sounds cool..)
    Welcome to the blogger world !
    Just heard from your dad that you started ur own blog.. Pretty interesting stuff.
    keep up your work and all the best for your future posts :)
    Expecting lot more electronic stuff from you little 'eletronics geek' ;)


  6. happy birthday by the way.....

  7. இனிய வாழ்த்துகள் ஜப்பார் ஜூனியருக்கு.

  8. Well Done Buddy!. I look forward to reading you.

  9. thank you.you have listened to popular demand!!!!

  10. So Abhi, congrats I can see many comments in ur blog. Join in some English blog aggregator please. All d very best.