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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPhone OR Nokia N97 Mini

Lately the World is now under control of Electronics and the 'Kings' are definitely Mobile Network Communication Device or Mobile Phone or Mobile as everyone calls it. Well I made up Mobile Network name but now Mobiles aren't just communication devices now are they? They are Camera+Mp3 player+Camcorder+Recorder+Games Console+Storage Device+I can go on telling about these the whole day+Let me just skip to the point. Everything is dominated or so I'm told and the same case goes for Mobiles.

The Mobile 'Throne' was and currently is occupied by Apple's iPhone. These impressive phones have 3 models excluding the storage space and they are- iPhone(16 GB,32 GB),iPhone 3G(I think it also has 16 and 32 GB but I'm not sure) and the lastest and greatest iPhone yet,iPhone 3GS(16 GB,32 GB).

Personally I never knew and till now don't know whats the big deal about the iPhone. I only got to use the iPhone for a week or so and it was my dad's iPhone 3GS 16 GB. I came to dubai for the holidays on the 28th of April and the first phone I used since I came was the iPhone. At first it didn't look much. Just a black,bulky phone and my dad had a leather black and orange cover for it so it just added to the style statement. It has the smoothest touch screen I ever used and the screen just seems to glide by with the swipe of my thumb. The best thing that I think everyone loves about the iPhone is its Interface, its just absolutely amazing! Search for reviews and specifications about the phone on google and the iPhone regardless of model will always show a positive review.

But everything that seems perfect always has a few defects though.
What errors I point out are mainly based on my opinion so it may vary and you have to see the results by actually buying the phone. Who knows maybe you might not see these as defects at all.

1.All of Apple's products that start with i such as iPod or iPhone always use iTunes to sync it with the computer. That is irritating because it always take time to sync even during second use. The time eventually increases when you fill up the iPod or iPhone with applications. So this is a thing I think as a defect.

2.The camera has no flash nor zoom. I mean come on, the iPhone is a next generation phone but it doesn't have a decent camera. So if your planning on taking pictures at night,don't bother nor if you want to take a picture of something that is far away. Though there are applications you can download to fix that but that reduces the image clarity.

3.Majority of the best applications in the App Store requires dollars. Not to say I don't mind paying cash but its in dollars !

Ok then I think thats enough. Now Nokia wanted to take back the Throne since it was the only manufacturer that people commonly buy from. To do this hard task they took one of their best phones the N97 and tryed to make that into a smaller more better version and the result-The Nokia N97 Mini. Well all they did was made it thinner,more slim,more lighter,reduced the 3.5 inch touch screen to 3.2 inches and added a new color option.

It is an impressive phone.It has a touch screen AS WELL as a three row full qwerty keyboard with arrow keys. The spacebar has an odd placement but it doesn't take more than a day to get used to it. In fact it took me only an hour or so. It has 3 things the iPhone doesn't-A Carl Zeiss 5 megapixel camera WITH flash thats powerful enough to act as a torch and a Home Screen where widgets are placed for quick access of applications that you use often. Nokia knew that peoples life nowadays are within facebook,twitter etc. so they have pre-installed all those widgets as standard so you can update your accounts on the go. It also has Ovi Store and Ovi Maps as standard so you can download awesome and useful applications on the go as well. It has 8 GB internal memory with 16 GB expandable memory because for teenagers like me even 100 GB seems less. It is silimar to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic being the same size but slimmer. So you can pretty much have the same music sensation.

Web browsing is faster in the iPhone 3GS than in the Mini but the Mini can directly download songs and applications direct from the web browser but the iPhone can only download from App Store so Mini wins.

The Mini feels light and small in your hand but the iPhone though slimmer is much more wide and bulky.Another score for Mini.

The Mini has quick access to contacts for instant messaging or calling and offers upto 8 favorite contacts to appear in the home screen whereas in the iPhone you have to go all the way to contacts and select the person to call.Another score.

The iPhone's application opening and closing speed is much faster than the Mini but it doesn't show which apps are still running so the battery is gonna take a fall.Another score.

Important point for most people battery life.
Here the iPhone stinks.I know because I have been using it for 7 days so the charging was up to me.Play 5 songs and nearly 20 % of battery is down.You can have a maximum of 14-15 hours music playback but let music run on the Mini for a day and go to sleep and wake up the next morning and it will still be playing.Good thing Nokia still makes long-life batteries.Another Score.

There is one thing the Mini fails in and thats the touch screen.Lots of reviews show that the screen is the only problem in the Mini because Nokia is still using the Resistive Screen.The iPhone wins here.

Thing is people who want smoothness can opt for the iPhone screen but the thing is people who have big fingers or by mistake click the wrong app in the iPhone it directly goes to that and so it will take up a few seconds to close the app and click the app that is wanted.Whereas if its a hard screen you might want to give a little bit more pressure for the click so I think it might be useful in this situation.

Well I love the N97 Mini and I currently have it. It around 1399 to 1550 AED depending on stores and the Nokia warranties.

Though I have the Mini I might buy the iPhone only IF it comes with a qwerty keyboard. There is a small reason I got attracted to the Mini in the first place. Its because my dad suggested it so it didn't take long to start liking it. But another reason is my dad wouldn't buy me an iPhone . Actually I wasn't even supposed to get the Mini.Well I'm glad I did and I have no regrets for getting the phone and sometimes my dad itself would say,"I could have bought the Mini itself".

Well I hope this was useful in some way
Thanks for spending sometime to read this.

Well this is AJ signing off.

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